• How many health treatments Lifeline Clinic is offering?

Lifeline clinic aims to cure all of your health issues. There are 14 health departments that deal with various diseases. There is a wide range of health treatments that the lifeline clinic is offering. The nature and number of the treatment(s) vary with the type and intensity of the disease(s).


  • Are these permanent or temporary treatments?

No doubt, each of our treatments is permanent. We provide our patients with proper natural medicinal treatment that is enduring and life-long.

  • Are There any Side-Effects of our treatments?

No. There are no side-effects of any of our treatments. As we only use natural resources to made medicines, we assure you that our treatment(s) are harmless and free of any side-effect.

  • Do our treatments contain harmful ingredients?

No. None of our treatments contain any harmful ingredients. Neither we use any allopathic medicinal source nor we use any other chemical-drugs. We only use natural extracts: Herbs.

  • What we medicinal resources we use in our treatments?

We only rely upon natural resources to prepare medicinal treatments. We use herbal extracts as per the Greek, Chinese, Ayurvedic, or Latin remedies.

  • Is it necessary to be physically available for the treatment?

No. It is not necessary for you to be physically available for treatment. In case, you can not come at our clinic, we can provide you the facility of online consultation and treatment.

  • What is the online consultation?

Online Consultation is the easiest means to communicate with doctors. Online consultation enables patients to consult doctors via call or SMS. Lifeline clinic is providing the golden opportunity of the online consultation. Using this option people from all over the world can consult the team of our allied doctors and the senior doctor, Dr. Omar Chughtai via the internet. All you are required is to make us a call and get your form submitted for online consultation.

  • How much you have to pay for an online consultation?

There are four basic plans for online consultation. The first basic plan is free of cost which means you can consult our team of allied doctors freely. If you want to consult Dr. Omar Chughtai then you are required to pay. The rest of the three basic payment plans requires you to pay the required amount of the money as per the time span of the consultation.

  • What are the three basic plans for online consultation with Dr. Omar Chughtai?

The payment plan varies with respect to the time allotted for the consultation with Dr. Omar Chughtai. The payment charges for the 20 Minutes Consultation are $50 (7,750 Rs). Whereas the payment charges for the 40 Minutes Consultation are $80 (12,400 Rs). On the other hand, the payment charges for the 60 Minutes Consultation are $100 (15,500 Rs).

  • What do you get through online treatment?

If you are looking for the best, and permanent solution to your health issues then this is the best platform for you. Lifeline Family clinic has prepared a number of treatments to cure all of your health issues. Online treatment is the golden opportunity availing which you can take advantage of our alternative (natural) medicinal treatments.

  • How many online treatments are available there?

There is a diverse range of treatments prepared by the LifeLine Family Clinic. A number of different medicinal treatments are available there for you. There are 14 health departments, all of which are equipped with various medicinal treatments for different diseases. Click here to know more about online treatments.

  • What type of diseases does Lifeline Clinic offer to Cure?

LifeLine Family Clinic promises to cure almost all of the health issues that you may come to suffer. As there are 14 health departments, there are numerous diseases that Lifeline Clinic offers to cure. The list of the health issues that we are determined to cure is given below:

  • Sexual Dysfunction (Male/Female)
  • Skin Health Issues
  • Overweight
  • Weight Gain
  • Gastrointestinal infections
  • Children diseases
  • Lung diseases
  • Liver diseases
  • Fevers
  • Eye diseases
  • Nail diseases
  • Ear diseases
  • Sore throat
  • Backbone pain
  • Heart health issues
  • Mental health issues
  • Urinary bladder diseases
  • Gallbladder/spleen diseases
  • Gums/Teeth problems
  • Hair growth issues
  • Brain disorders
  • Bone problems
  • Common Diseases
  • What if you are uncertain about the type of your health issue(s)?

In case, you are uncertain and can not figure out what health problem(s) you are suffering from then don’t worry. We are here to take care of you. Just make us a call and let us examine you. All you have to do is to provide us all the details about your health and the issues you are facing. We will delve to reach the roots of the problem and will treat you accordingly.

  • How do we treat our patients?

Firstly, every patient is required to share his/her health issue(s) in detail. Secondly, as per the type and severity level of the respective patient’s disease, our doctors prescribe medicines.

In case, you only want consultation then we will prescribe you medicines, give you a diet plan, and guide you about the precautionary measures, accordingly. However, if you want to take benefit of our lifeline clinic’s treatments then as per the given detail, our doctors prepare medicinal treatments for you.

  • Why the medicinal treatment varies from patient to patient?

The method and nature of treatment vary from patient to patient. In short, the types and numbers of medicines present in our treatments vary from patient to patient. The first and foremost step towards the permanency and reliability of the medicinal treatments requires to examine every patient and provide every patient as per the level of the severity and intensity of the health issues, respectively. That is why the medicinal treatment varies from patient to patient.

  • Why trust us?

You can trust the LifeLine clinic for a hundred percent reliable and permanent health treatments. The first reason why you can trust us is that we only use natural resources to cure our patients. The second reason is that we examine our patients properly in detail and then treat them accordingly. We do not rush during examination or consultation rather we owe to provide our patients with proper care and treatment. We not only aim to treat our patients with medicines but also with care. Therefore, feel safe with us.

  • What is our privacy and secrecy policy?

As per our privacy and secrecy policy, we assure you that whatever you share with us will stay confidential. It is our first and foremost duty to keep your information confidential. You can share your stuff with us without any worry as we will keep it to us and never violate your privacy.

  • Can you contact us at any time?

Yes. You can contact us at any time. Throughout the whole span of your consultation or treatment plan, you will be able to contact us. While the time span of each plan lasts for one month.

  • When you will be required to renew the consultation/treatment plan?

After one month, you will be required to renew your consultation/treatment plan.

  • What if anyone cannot pay for the treatment?

In case, you are not capable of paying the treatment or consultation charges, you can get a free consultation and free treatment. If you are eligible to get SADQA & ZAKATH by the rules of Islamic law then you can get our services free of cost.

  • How to Contact us?

You can contact us via the internet or mobile phone. You can also use the Online Chat option to contact us. Or else, you can WhatsApp or Call/SMS us using the following numbers:

  • +92-305-5175647   
  • +92-334-5175647
  • +92-312-5175647
  • +92-345-1005647   
  • +92-322-5175647
  • +92-3365175647
  • +92-040-5485647
  • How can you place an order?

You can submit your order via SMS or Call or you can Message us your username and phone number with Details of Your Treatment Package

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