In the hair department, different courses have been developed for various hair diseases by alternative medicine consultant Dr. Omar Chughtai, such as hair fall, breaking down of hair, gradual weakening of hair, two-mouth weak hair, dryness of hair and scalp, hair loss, and various other ailments of relevant field and all other related diseases.
These alternative medicine courses will help to get rid of these diseases. Here are your examples to get.
Homoeopathy is one of the best alternative medicine therapy, although herbal remedies are also effective rather, homeopathic medicines are more beneficial in acute and chronic diseases.
Complimentary and alternative medicine treatment cure the diseases permanently. Herbal medicines are also part of alternative medicine courses that are prepared by Dr. Omar Chughtai.
So on homeopathic remedies are also part of alternative treatment.
Nowadays complementary medicines are becoming popular all over the world for permanent cure from different acute and chronic diseases.

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