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Know About Online Consultation?

Online Consultation has become a famous global word-exchange program that aims to provide easy means for patients to consult doctors via the internet. Now, you can consult a doctor while sitting right there at your home.

In simple words, there’s no need to be physically come to our clinic to get a consultation from our doctors.

Get Paid Online Consultation

As you know Online Consultation allows you to consult our doctors while sitting at your home via calling or messaging. Likewise, Paid Online Consultation is a golden opportunity availing which you can consult Dr. Omar Chughtai by buying reasonable consultation plans.

You can avail the opportunity of Paid Consultation by buying any of the following Consultation Plans:

The price of each consultation plan varies with respect to the time of consultation with Dr. Omar Chughtai.

What Will You Get Through Paid Online Consultation?

Dr. Omar Chughtai will be available to attend you and will provide you with every possible solution (advice without a prescription) for your health issues.

You will be free to ask anything to Dr. Omar Chughtai throughout the whole time period of the consultation plan that is one month. It means after a month, you will be required to renew your consultation plan

Through the Paid Consultation, you can get the assistance of Dr. Omar Chughtai who’s the senior doctor of LifeLine Family Clinic. He will guide you to combat your health diseases by following required precautionary measures, and a healthy diet plan. 

Moreover, you will be able to ask Dr. Omar Chughtai about any of the issues or doubts regarding your health. He will tell you all about your health issues and will guide you to overcome every respective issue. 

Grab this golden opportunity and connect with our online doctors that are available 24/7.

Connect with through the following numbers:

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