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Paid Prescription is another golden opportunity that enables you to get an online medical prescription to cure any of your health issues. Using this opportunity, you will be able to

To get a prescription, you are required to buy a prescription plan. Below is the list of our prescription plans:

Again, you aren’t required to come to our clinic as you can contact us while sitting at your home via calling or messaging. All you have to do is to make us a call or send us an SMS or WhatsApp us to get an appointment to get a prescription.

Following the procedure, you will be required to buy any of our prescription plans and then you will be able to talk to either our allied doctors or Dr. Omar Chughtai depending upon the nature of the bought prescription plan.

We will give you an online appointment as per your desired prescription plan. After that, you will be able to talk to our allied doctors or Dr. Omar Chughtai as well.

Moreover, to get a proper medical prescription, you can send us your medical reports via WhatsApp or Facebook.

Take advantage of this golden opportunity and let us take care of your health! while you are staying at your place.

What Will You Get in Online Prescription?

As you will buy any of our online prescription plans, you will be able to talk to us to get a medical prescription for any of your health issue(s).

We will provide you with a proper medical prescription. No matter what health issues you are having or suffering from: any chronic or mild disease, we are here to describe and prescribe natural medicines (Homeopathic and Herbal) to cure you.

We are offering you to contact and get a medical prescription from our allied doctors’ team and Dr. Omar Chughtai while sitting right at your home. Now, you have no need to rush anywhere as you can talk to our doctors’ team via text messaging, audio or video calling through Facebook or WhatsApp.

Our team of doctors will provide you with a prescription list as per your health issues or problems. Our doctors will query about your health issue(s) and then prescribe medicines, accordingly. You will then have to go to a chemist shop or an alternative medicine store to buy the medicines as per the prescription. Indeed, our doctors will not cost you expensive medical prescriptions, neither they will ask you to rely upon harmful drugs. Besides this, we will provide you with better diet plans and precautionary measures also.

Or else, if you want to get the prescribed medicines from our clinic then you can avail the opportunity of Online Treatments. Using this opportunity, you can get our natural medicinal treatments to get rid of your health issue(s).
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