On-Line Consultation | DR OMAR CHUGHTAI

What We Are Providing:

We are providing on-line consultation service for global community.

Who is Providing on-line consultation:

World’s top alternative & complementary medicine consultant Dr Omar Chughtai makes his expertise available to global community of patients.

Who Can Take This Facility:

Any body from all over the world can take this facility. Already patients from almost 180 countries are under our intense care.

Which Diseases we Treat?

We treat patients especially for the chronic and obstinate disease conditions.

Which Diseases We Do Not Treat:

We do not treat acute conditions or the diseases need critical care and the surgical conditions also.

Our Mission:

It is our constant endeavor to provide state-of-the-art service to our patients from all over the world as well as make it easily accessible for them to get their alternative & complimentary treatment, detailed consultancy and guidance for better health.

What We Need From Patient:

Patient support and a healthy environment is necessary to nurture our work force so can we deliver our best. We Strive to render our best at every situation.

Support & Aid Disclaimer:

We are providing all services from the core of our heart and our work is totally based on self support. We do not accept any cooperation from foreign societies and charity trusts.

Who Can Get Free Consultation Service?

A person who can’t afford our consultation fee and he is eligible to take SADQA & ZAKAT by the rules of Islamic law, he can take this service free of cost after filling a confirmation form of eligibility. Does’t matter, whatever your religion is. Believers of all religions can enjoy this facility.


We are always ready to serve in the best possible manner continuously.

Do You Want Best Services?

As patient if you want best services and solid efforts for your greater health from us, than please focus on given below point.

Much as we like to help, it is just not possible to provide responsible and reliable advice or treatment by phone or e-mail without a complete and detailed consultation.So please don’t hesitate and tell us all of your troubles in detail.

Make An On Line Appointment:

We are happy to make an appointment for you with one of the world’s top alternative & complimentary medicine consultant, Dr Omar Chughati. Please discuss in detail about all your unwanted health conditions with your online doctor.

Focus On To Provide More Information:

We again request you to keep in mind that more information you give us the better we can help you.

How Does On-Line Consultation Method Work?

Patients from allover the world, after paying their consultation fee can talk with Dr Omar Chughtai according to their purchased plan. Details of the consultation plans are given at the bottom of this page.

After detailed consultation we will provide a diagnostic list, containing the names of complimentary & alternative medicines with all instructions for one month. Patients can buy these medicines from their local area stores and use them according to the advice. We will also provide precautions and diet plan for specified health condition of patient.

Expiry Of First Consultation Period & Fee:

After one month patients patients are advised to contact us again.

A patient has to pay consultation fee on monthly basis upfront.

Purchasing Of A Consultation Plan:

First of all patients submit their case about their health problem by filling a submission form and pay their consultation fee according to their selected consultation plan.

Detail of the consultation plans is listed on the bottom of this page.

We give you special protocol:

After careful study of your case, signs, symptoms and all provided medical reports, we will recommend for you, rightly selected alternative & complimentary medicines.

Keep In Touch With Us:

Keep us in touch about the changing of symptoms so that your medicine plan could be changed accordingly.

This process will continue till you are fully healed.

About Life Line Family Clinic: 

When Established?

Life Line Family Clinic is established on March 2000 by Dr Omar Chughtai. 

Pakistan’s First On-Line Clinic:

It could be proudly said that Life Line Family Clinic is Pakistan’s first ever online registered clinic.

Registration Authority:

Life Line Family Clinic is registered from Health Care Commission of Pakistan.

What We offer:
We offer alternative & complimentary medicine courses made for different diseases and online consultancy service also.

Whom Is Made For?

These alternative & complimentary medicine courses and online medical consultancy service both facilities are established for the people who can’t reach us personally.

Our Way Of Working:

Our unique way of working has enabled us to grow successfully over past decades.

Natural Sources:

The treatment provided by us is purely based on natural sources and don’t contain any kind of harmful ingredients, chemicals, alloepathic medicines and steroids.

What We Believe?

We believe in treating the patient himself and as a whole but not just his disease.

Gentle And Permanent Cure:

Our focused target is to cure but not just care the patient gently and permanently without suppressing the troubling diseases.



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