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Know About Online Consultation

Online Consultation has become a famous global word-exchange program that aims to provide easy means for patients to consult doctors via the internet. Now, you can consult a doctor while sitting right there at your home.

In simple words, there’s no need to be physically come to our clinic to get a consultation from our doctors.

Get Free Online Consultation

For the very first time, you can avail the golden opportunity of free online consultation.  LifeLine Family Clinic is offering you to consult their team of allied doctors free of cost.

Yes, we are providing a golden opportunity for people from all over the world to contact us and consult our doctors, absolutely FREE. You can share any of your health issues with our doctors’ team free of cost.

Our team of Allied Doctors will listen to you keenly, and provide you with the best advice(s) including precautionary measures, and a diet plan.

We are offering you to consult our allied doctors’ team while sitting right at your home. Now, you have no need to rush anywhere as you can talk to our doctors’ team via text messaging, audio or video calling through Facebook or WhatsApp.

Indeed, our first and foremost duty is to take proper care of your health. So, here we are offering you to CONSULT US FREE OF COST WHILE SITTING AT YOUR HOME.

Take advantage of this golden opportunity and consult us right now!

Consultation Procedure

We have already stated in the above section that people from all over the world can consult our team of doctors free of cost. All you are required to do to get free online consultation is to WhatsApp or simply SMS/Call us on any of the numbers given below:


+92 – 334 – 5175647 +92 – 312 – 5175647 +92 – 345 -1005647    +92 – 322 – 5175647 +92 – 336 – 5175647 +92 – 0311 – 5175647 +92 – 040 – 5485647  +92 – 305 – 5175647 

The links of our all social sites are given below:

  • Instagram 
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin 

Apart from WhatsApp, you can contact us via these social sites. You can reach us via our Facebook or other social sites to reach us. You can simply text or call us via these social sites and get online consultation.  And you can reach us via Facebook pages also. Our Facebook pages are given below.

Our allied doctors will be there to attend you and provide you with the best solutions (advices) to help you to overcome your health issues.

They will give you proper time and will give you every possible measure to get rid of your health issues. Moreover, our doctors will describe to you the nature of your health issue(s), and also help you to know what kind of health issues you are suffering from.

Or else, if you want to talk to our senior doctor, Dr. Omar Chughtai then there are some reasonable paid consultations plans for it.

So, if you want to consult Dr. Omar Chughtai then you’ll be required to buy any of our paid consultation plans. Click to know all about paid online consultation plans or paid prescription plans.